Faceted Sapphire Satellite Necklace

This necklace has three 5mm cube faceted Multicolored Moonstones floating on a dainty chain. These Multicolored Moonstones are so reflective. They are known to carry amazing romantic energy. Whether you are a believer in this or not, one thing is sure: They are GORDEOUS!


Due to the natural state of these gemstones, the Moonstone cube colors differ ever so slightly, so keep that in mind when ordering! They are adjustable (16-17.5 inches). 

You can chose a variety of chain options for these stones, including a combination of  two metals! I think silver and gold looks adorable, but you make the call!!

Available in any combination of Sterling Silver, 14k Gold Fill, and 14k Rose Gold Fill. 

All Materials are hypo-allergenic and everything is handmade in San Francisco, CA


$ 68.00